Northern Ireland Wedding Portrait Photographer Bradley Henderson


Ethereal Beauty

GAAAAH!  <-------- That's how excited I am to finally post this shoot!

I have mulled, mused, culled and cropped at these for a month now.  I think everyone on our team would admit, when you spend an awesome (but cold) day with incredible people, the images become like your children, how do you pick favourites!? 

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone involved and braving the draughty windows, dodgy floorboards, polystyrene cup-coffee and Tesco doughnuts to make this all work.  I couldn't have asked for anything more from these guys!

Photography: Bradley Henderson Photography

Styling and Accessories: Debbie Bailie @ Gibson Bespoke

Dresses: White Gallery, Burren

Models: Hollie Keegan @ CMPR & Catherine Todd

MUA: Stacey Kilpatrick -

Hair: Gemma Managh Session Styling